Wrong advice our client received from her doctor made her sick

Thyroid hormone is a battery pack for your body. It affects your hormones, mood, how cold you feel, skin, hair, and energy.

If your thyroid is not functioning well, everything starts to shut down because it is conserving energy.

People can go into coma from hypothyroidism, so it is not something to mess with. You need to make sure your labs are normalizing as well as symptoms reversing.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism go away usually on third or fourth week in our program. Our client below went off her plan after she got covid.

She listened to her doctor’s advice regarding what to eat which set her back from where she started since she did our program.

All the healing she had was undone.

She has decided to do our program all over again because the plan she was following the first time she did our program was no longer as effective.

So second time around, it took longer for our client to experience breakthrough in her symptoms – all because her doctor reversed all the work she had done before.

By day 30, her mood was changing, pain was going down.

Cholesterol went from 241 to 165.

Triglycerides went from 184 to 82.

“My attitude changed because I have less pain. I was so focused on my shoulder pain and not really realizing that pain in my ankles, knees, my back pain gone away.” “I feel totally different that I than I did 40 days ago. It is life changing. Once again you have given me my life back.”

40 days results:

  • No more pain in ankles, knees, back pain better mood no more fatigue
  • Cholesterol went from 241 to 165.
  • Triglycerides went from 184 to 82.

If in 3 weeks, you are not seeing positive results (in terms of your symptoms and labs), you are either not getting something right, there are another stressor in the body that’s causing increase in symptoms.

The best way for us to get you results, it to work with us daily.

We need to go through all your history symptoms and issues and come up with a plan personalized for your GOAL and guide you daily making adjustments until you get the results you are seeking.

Our specialty is understanding the nutritional impact of the foods you eat on a cellular repair, cellular recovery, cellular communication, and immune function.

So when we give your body the right things, it repairs everything throughout your body.

Which means clients often come to us with autoimmune disease and they notice things improve that they did not expect to improve such as their anxiety is gone, glaucoma went away, HPV went away.

People will find that all of these different things get better at the same time because their body decides what to repair it goes.

Main reasons why people struggle to FULLY reverse their disease

One of the biggest reasons we have see people failing to reverse their disease, even though they truly want to heal as fast as possible, is because of the assumptions and conclusions they make about their illness or their symptoms.

When we work with clients 1-1, we are able to evaluate their progress and identify what they are doing wrong in their healing.

Our clients were often telling themselves that they are doing better than they are really doing, then incorrectly concluding their results.

They make assumptions based on what they assume is happening to their body or based on what they learned elsewhere.

If someone has never reversed their disease before, they won’t know exactly what that feels like for them or what will work for them.

For example: if someone have an increased pain is that because of food sensitivities, disease flare or a healing crisis?

Just because someone doesn’t experience symptoms when you eat certain food, it doesn’t mean those foods don’t contribute to the inflammatory immune system.

If they make the wrong assumption, they will take a wrong action and create a WRONG plan.

Instead of making assumptions, our clients rely on our experience and results. 


We teach our clients how to achieve FULL disease reversal.

People can be in remission while following anti-inflammatory protocols and taking medications and still test positive for an autoimmune disease.

You know someone is fully healed when their blood work, your pain, their symptoms are all reversed and stay reversed.

When disease is fully gone, they will not get a relapse when they eat “off plan.”

Many of our clients reversed their symptoms and labs even after a decade of illness, and quite a number of them have been told by the rheumatologist that they are no longer diagnosable as having an autoimmune disease. 

If you are having a hard time committing to your recovery, this could also mean that you are looking for a way out. There is absolutely no downside in our program, because we are using food for repair and healing, optimal immune system, organ function. If you are new to following our page, we do not create fear but rather educate and empower people to make the best possible choices for the best possible health.

If you’re ready for personal help and results like these, schedule your call with us here and join our next opening: https://www.autoimmunecellularhealing.com/


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