Trauma’s Legacy: How Early Experiences Can Shape Lifelong Health

Since working at the VA Medical Center for 9 years, we observed that many patients with chronic diseases have the same symptoms we see in our clients that survived trauma.

Chronic disease and trauma patients often have the same fear for their lives and a sense of impending doom, the same constant worry, and agitation.

A few years ago, we had a client that grew up in a gang neighborhood in Detroit seeing people getting shot on his street and some clients were victims of physical or sexual abuse.

When someone has a traumatic childhood, they can’t help but look for trauma in adulthood.

So, they will look for somebody who will reincarnate that trauma.

For example, if their parents were abusive, they will look for an abusive partner.

If parents were absent, they would look for an absent partner.

Or if someone has a CORE belief that their disease is incurable or they are unlovable and unworthy, they will look for things to validate that belief.

Another big issue is with coping mechanisms.

People develop coping mechanisms that interfere with their ability to reverse their disease fully, like using junk food to SUPPRESS or COPE with feelings and to overindulge on alcohol.

Overindulging on junk food and alcohol will temporarily reduce emotional pain, but when the high wears off, people get all of the original pain back PLUS the guilt and shame of what they did trying to cope.

They will also look for activities that feel “familiar” even though those activities are chaotic, horrible, and self-destructive.

And they label those activities as pleasure and comfort.

People seek what is familiar TO them rather than what is good FOR them.  

So, what needs to be done is break the cycle of familiarity because it is not good for them.

Their trauma is going to always lead to self-destructive paths and self-sabotage.

Diseases are created by a combination of emotional trauma, physical trauma, and nutritional sabotage.

All of the above combined together with our genetics will create our CURRENT health.  

How do you stop self-sabotage and undo trauma?

To undo trauma is to learn how to make better life decisions.

By reminding yourself of your long-term goal rather than your short-term desires.

Constantly remind yourself of what you truly want in life.

Every time you make a decision that takes you away from your goal, remind yourself that’s self sabotage and trauma speaking.

You owe yourself to have peace and health.

Because in the long run, that peace and health will give you that comfort you have always craved as a child.

Truth is this: beliefs are inflammable.

Avoid interacting with people who tell you this: “it can’t be done; it is too late for you to heal, or you don’t deserve this or that.”

Because toxic core beliefs are difficult to fix once they corrode an environment.


💥 Your top priorities are not from your mouth, they’re in your calendar — if it’s important to you, but you never have time for it, it’s not that important to you.

💥 You can’t avoid paying your dues, but you can pay them quicker — everyone will pay the piper, how QUICKLY you get him paid is up to you

💥 Failure is not an obstacle, it is a stepping stone — don’t fear failure, fear the delays & stagnation that happens by NOT being willing to go for it.

💥 We all live and die according to our support network and community — the lone wolf dies alone, but the pack survives together

💥 You feel according to the level you CONSUME — if you’re watching, listening to, reading, participant in ‘junk’ you’re going to feel it; the opposite is also true.

💥 Whatever you want you can have — it starts in your mind, transfers to your heart, and when those are aligned everything else aligns with it.

💥 Stress over time will kill you. De-stress everywhere you can. Small sprints are ok. Avoid chronically stressful people, events and habits.

💥 Personal fulfilment should never be solved for money at any time.

💥 Being a high-performance person and a business owner raises your internal stress significantly. Your expectations of yourself are high. Others’ expectations of you are high. So it is important to have and use “release valves” – things that siphon off that internal pressure. Build those in, daily.

💥 Whatever you want you can have — it starts in your mind, transfers to your heart, and when those are aligned everything else aligns with it.

💥 Whoever controls your emotions, controls YOU. Be the owner of your emotional state.

💥 How we react to the situation is always more dangerous than the situation.

💥 The most successful people in the world failed often. If you are not failing, you are deviating. There is no success in too much safety.

Whoever controls your emotions, controls YOU. Be the owner of your emotional state.

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