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Annual charity toy run in Tampa, Florida! + Inner circle and legacy Christmas party.

Each year MC donate thousands of dollars to a local school for children.

Encouragement is not a gift it is a habit.

‘Tis the season to go out of your way and remind the humans around you how important they are.

In a particularly dark couple of weeks — of which there were many the last ~18 months — someone who is quite noteworthy called me just to tell me he looked up to me.

You’ve all had these moments.

And the people you look up to?

So have they.

I’m not a happy ball of confidence every second 24/7 around the clock.

We all have our moments…

Internally I thought, “What? Why?”

But externally I just said thank you.

And it was enough.

Right then I decided with clarity: I will be this person to other people.

  • I will call them whenever I think of them and tell them how awesome they are.
  • I will compliment them in person and behind their back.
  • I will speak the truth but only to their face, never to anyone else.

Don’t underestimate the amount of change you can make by finding one person a week and reminding them they’re amazing.

All it takes is one superstar to keep going when they were close to quitting and you’ve changed the world today, the world tomorrow, and the world forever.

Tis the season to build the habit of encouragement 💪

Talent is overrated quality of why people are successful.

9 things that can sink even the most talented people.

The people who will win, understand it rests on no one but them. 

Endless excuses will crush success potential.

Blaming anything outside of self is a GPS straight to the bottom.

No responsibility = no power.

You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you don’t actually do something about them, you won’t go anywhere.

Unsuccessful talent lacks disciplined, is unfocused, procrastinates, gets side-tracked, or wants immediate gratification.

If you lack self-control, you are a liability to yourself and others.  

It will lead you down to a path when you will no longer recognize yourself. 

Sometimes talent is risk averse because winning in the small things has been easy.

If you have talent, you have to test it.

Take bigger leaps and chances.

Risk is an important ingredient to success.

Your social and friend circle should not be holding you back.

Talented people can have groups that discourage EVOLUTION – because they don’t see the need for change.

If you are not getting the results that you want, there are likely some people in your life that should not be there.

Who you hang out with will define what you learn and how far you climb.

Unless you hit the lottery or have inheritance, even talented people will have to play the long game with a lot of ups and downs. 

Many people will end up quitting because it isn’t “easy” or instant. 

You’ve got to take some punches and keep going.

Most people pay the price and then quit before they get the goods they paid for. 

Winners carry though just a bit longer, and pull on a yield on every painful moment.

Those that don’t succeed will hyperfocus on what might go wrong, what others will say, what might happen, and they let this hold them back from doing what they need to do.

If you think you know everything, be prepared to fail.

The only way forward is continuing to learn new things all the time.

It doesn’t stop because you’re “talented” or “motivated.”

Be constantly be learning, growing and learning more.

Talent requires fuel.

You are going to take some hits – financially, personally, and maybe even very publicly.

You have to develop an instinct for cutting negative out of your life otherwise you will become infected.

Here are my favorite things about adversity:

– it tempers you; things that bothered you before somehow matter a bit less every time you have to face them

– it reduces fear and worry; most of us are afraid of things that are worse in our heads than in real life, exposure therapy removes this

– it makes you pause; most of our problems come from running ‘well’ in the ‘wrong’ direction… there is a lot of utility in slowing down (throttling performance) to ensure you’re performing in the right direction

– it divides your circles; I like winning with people who like to see me winning and vice versa… nothing shows you who to roll with and who to abandon like going through adversity

– it cleans your hubris; the obstacle to learning something new is what you learned last year… letting go of what you think you know makes room for learning new things

– it resets you emotionally; if you’ve ever felt like you cannot feel, adversity will reset that and the deeper it goes the more powerful it heals… for me, last summer was the most adversity I’ve ever experienced and it allowed me to reset

– it sharpens your skills; you have to become better when there is more on the line… adversity offers you the option to become BETTER rather than getting angry

– it lines up your priorities; if you let it do its work then it will show you what really matters and what does not matter that much… this re-prioritization is extremely beneficial

– lastly, it calls you FORWARD; oftentimes the most powerful place to be in is when you are afraid to go forward but you can NO LONGER go back… fear is not an indicator you are on the wrong path — indifference is an indicator you are on the wrong path.

If you’re going through it, keep going through it.

The other side is and will always be worth it.

Beware things that are too easy, there are usually hidden clauses or negative effects if the barrie to entry is too low. Besides, if you do not EARN it you will not truly OWN It.

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