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A feature I’ve noticed across my the most successful clients of the past decade is that, for them, risk isn’t scary — it’s fun.

That certainly repositions everything, right?

This mindset of enjoying risk leads to a series of behaviors that fundamentally differ from a lot of other people.

If you enjoy something, you go all-in, and it keeps you engaged and coming back for more — to make adjustments, to try different routes, to really make something exceptional happen.

Imagine it like a sport — you don’t win every time — but those times you do are just electric.

They fill you up.

While most people out there are hesitating, this is the mentality they are up against.

They’re facing people who are running headfirst into the next challenge, on fire and ready to win.

And while not all of those challenges end in victory, plenty do…and it makes them leapfrog others in their careers and businesses, and progress in ways that we don’t often think about.

And this repeated behavior compounds over time to make them outliers in their success.

The person who enjoys risk, finds it fun, and works for the win?

It’s hard to beat that when sustained over time.

So if you want outsized success, you’ve likely got it in you to take more risk — it’s there, and it often doesn’t surface as it should.

This week, let’s pull that forward and make risk fun again. …

if you expect your life to be “balanced” and “instant” and build anything big, you have a dose of reality coming… Most will have periods of imbalance when building – it will be immersive, intense and hard – and you get to the good stuff AFTER a lot of the foundation is laid.

How to know if you are leach?

– if you have harsh opinions about everyone else but give yourself a pass on everything, you are a leach

– if you justify being broke by saying “money isn’t everything,” you are a leach

– if you do dirty in secret and talk about goodness, honor, respect & discipline in public, you are leach

– if you talk good about people to their face and bad behind their back, you are a leach

– if your kids tolerate you but don’t want to be like you, you are a leach

– if you take the moral high ground before asking ‘where is this in me’ you are definitely a leach

– if you find yourself saying ‘told you so’ over and over, you are probably a leach

– if you are entitled and manipulate people with phases: “I’ve spend a bunch of money…” “if you cared you would xyz…” “If you don’t help me..i would do xyz..” you are a leach

DEFINITION: a leach is someone who sucks the air & energy out of a room. You can’t win around them because they feed off of you for their survival and self worth. They require constant attention and constant validation and will misbehave to get it.

The best way to tell if you’re in the presence of a leach is you will be tired and exhausted emotionally but won’t know why. And your dreams get smaller and smaller…

Best way to deal with them is to ignore them which cuts off their blood supply and replace with people who LIFT you up not tear you down.

Cheers to the CHAMPS who love to see others WIN instead of celebrating their losses.

Your life is going to be hard no matter what. Either you work hard justifying your life at the bottom. Or you work hard getting to the top. Might as well go somewhere…

You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat” and if you suffer from chronic inflammation or autoimmune issues, proper nutrition could be the key to healing. Immunology Scientists, Viktoriya and Oksana Gruzdyn, joined Hannah to explain how science-based nutrition can help boost your immunity and reverse chronic inflammatory conditions.

When it comes to building an amazing life – and a fantastic future – it will require a lot.

Sure, money is the first answer most give, but look under the hood of that answer and it will also require so many other things to get there.

Your time, focus, energy, and attention.

It will require you to be who you need to be, to achieve the life you want.

We think about investing in entertainment (Netflix, etc.), in tools (software, etc)…but at the core of what will make you rise – will be investment in yourself.

You are your best investment, and your greatest asset.

Everything depends on you.

Your future, everything you’re building toward, will come from you – from the decisions you make to the risks you take and how you engage in the world – you are the origin. Your energy. Your mindset. Your relationships. Your health and well-being.

In the chaos of life and work – do what you need to do to sharpen your axe, and invest in making yourself an absolute powerhouse.

It’s a good thing when you exhaust all options and feel the bottom. When it “works” for others but isn’t working FOR YOU. It means you are not like “them” and have a calling that requires higher training. Focus on the reps. Train until it hurts. And don’t forget why you started

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