Virgin Voyages: Red Life Business trip to Key West and Bimini

We recently went on a business trip with our business coach and other entrepreneurs on Virgin Voyages Cruise.

Here are traits we see most frequently; in the most successful people we worked with/coaches by them and traits of our most successful clients.

Like a tiger on the hunt, and that tiger is hungry.ย  You are not going to stop it, and it *just keeps pushing.*

There is a resilience to what anyone says or does…this thing is going to happen.

They sit in this comfortably, and deeply believe in what they see and what they can do.

It’s infectious – You’ll believe it too.

 It’s not that they don’t take hits, or get angry…but they don’t get discouraged.

They go down from time to time, but they don’t stay down.

They have tolerance for new ideas/paths, but none for those who don’t align with the end goal.

This is the hardest thing for their relationships and the toughest trait for their partner to live with (and one I hear often).

They like making big bets, positioning deals, and these are moments they truly engage.

The adrenaline of this, is part of what makes it hard to retire/walk away from.

Think a general who has a specific end game in mind. It involves strategy, challenges, and positioning.

Reaching out, courting, and up front. It’s not predatory, and usually positioned as a win/win for all involved.

There are likely more I’m not thinking of, but if you can reference this list, you might see areas you can uplevel your own position.

Courage is so undervalued in having the life you want. Most people make choices based on their fears or insecurities – not their ambitions and aspirations …and that changes the course of their life. Have no shame in how HARD you’re willing to go, for what YOU want.

A feature Iโ€™ve noticed across my the most successful clients of the past decade is that, for them, risk isnโ€™t scary โ€” itโ€™s fun.

This mindset of enjoying risk leads to a series of behaviors that fundamentally differ from a lot of other people.

If you enjoy something, you go all-in, and it keeps you engaged and coming back for more โ€” to make adjustments, to try different routes, to really make something exceptional happen.

Imagine it like a sport โ€” you donโ€™t win every time โ€” but those times you do are just ELECTRIC.

They fill you up.

While most people out there are hesitating, second guessing or procrastinating this is the mentality they are up against.

The most successful people are running into the next challenges, on fire and ready to win.

And while not all of those challenges end in victory, plenty doโ€ฆ and progress in ways that we donโ€™t often think about.

And this repeated behavior compounds over time to make them outliers in their success.

The person who enjoys risk, finds it fun, and works for the win!

Itโ€™s hard to beat that when sustained over time.

So if you want outsized success, youโ€™ve likely got it in you to take more risk โ€” itโ€™s there, and it often doesnโ€™t surface as it should.

This week letโ€™s pull that forward and make risk fun again. โ€ฆ

Right now, you are capable of things you have never tried yet. Exceptionally capable. Things that are just sitting out there. Waiting. If you’re feeling pulled toward something that fascinates you – do yourself the favor to dive in. That’s how all great stories begin.

Did you know if someoneโ€™s antibodies donโ€™t go away, their disease progresses?

Hashimotoโ€™s is an autoimmune disease that causes low thyroid.

In medical world, doctors donโ€™t treat Hashimotoโ€™s as autoimmune disease because the thyroid is considered replaceable by a pill.

So the medical community decided that it was better not to give someone immunosuppressant meds and instead replace the thyroid with a pill. Hashimotoโ€™s doesnโ€™t go away when meds are taken.

The autoimmune disease itself will continue to find NEW targets (once thyroid is destroyed by the immune system) throughout the body.

So people who start with Hashimotoโ€™s often then end up with joint pain, or other diseases such as scleroderma, gastritis, alopecia.

Our clients with Hashimotoโ€™s usually reverse their symptoms in 3 weeks NOT months.

If you donโ€™t replace thyroid hormone, your body will suffer.

And also lead to serious mental problems. It can be deadly.

โ€œIs this what I really want for my life?โ€ Ask that question and answer it seriously. Now you’re aware that either: – Youโ€™re settling or – You have a blueprint for next steps In the pace of life, Taking the time to pause and examine prevents regret.

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