The human body is a far more sophisticated healing mechanism than we give it credit for. Every second, of every day, we are creating a new body. With every break, we take in many billions of atoms, which will eventually make up pour cells and tissues. As we exhale, we exchange atoms with everyone else, a neat litter reminder that we truly are all one!

You create a new stomach lining every five days, a whole new skin every month, a liver every six weeks and skeleton every three month. Within just one year, you will have replaced 98 percent of all the atoms in your body!

So by understanding how our body functions wouldn’t you want to make healthy choices each day?

Wouldn’t you want to reinvent yourself. And who says you can’t start today?

It’s my experience that we can if we are willing to look within rather than outside ourselves for answers and change the way we view our food, and ourselves.

Your body is a wonderful vehicle for expressing who you are and it’s perfectly capable of healing if you create the necessary conditions for good health.

If you nourish it with healthy food, rest when you need to, cultivate a happy, peaceful mind and exercise daily – your body will respond in appreciation.

I encourage my clients to drink lots of water, eat plenty of good food, plenty of physical activity and plenty of positive mental attitude.

NUTRITION is important building block of good health and there are plenty of paths to explore until you find the right eating plan for you.

EXERCISE is essential because our bodies love to move and if you watch a child you’ll notice they naturally find it difficult to keep still. As we grow older we tend to replace this movement with much more restricted and “acceptable” behavior. I honestly believe this detrimental to our health and can contribute to stagnant emotions.

If you can, find a form of exercise that allows you freedom of expression. If gyms bore you, get out into nature and walk among the trees and flowers wherever you can – I guarantee you’ll feel uplifting.

Swim, dance, climb, run, skip, cycle, ride a horse or turn cartwheels-whatever you choose make sure it causes your lungs to fill and your heart to sing. The benefits will be physical, mental and spiritual and you’re much more likely to make time for it in your schedule if it doesn’t feel like a chore.

RESTING is just as important as exercise and deep breathing practices such as meditation and yoga can really help you relax. If you trouble sleeping, imagine yourself as full of liquid, which drains out of your body with every breath.

Don’t waste another moment to decide and start today by making better choices in all areas of your life.


Imbalances manifest on several different levels before they become physical. If you don’t get to the root cause of a medical/physical problem by reaching the “heart of the matter,” we are only treating the symptoms, so the dis-ease is likely to manifest again, as I know from experience.

To truly get underneath a symptom, to get at the root, we need to consider every factor that might be contributing to the problem.

Gardeners also have an innate understanding of this.

If your rose has black stop, it’s no good just treating it with pesticides.

It’s also important to consider whether the plant is comfortable in its environment; does it have adequate nutrients, enough light, space and water?

Is it infested with parasites?

Is it happy where it is?

I believe plants. Trees and animals have a conspicuous on their own.

If they develop a problem, it will manifest physically to get attention.

Just like our bodies.

It’s my experience that our bodies are constantly sending us feedback. Often our lives are too crowded to listen to the quite voice within, the one that tells us if we’re off-balance. We live “filled-full” kinds of lives in this twenty-first century Western world, but true fulfilment can evade us. If we keep refusing to listen to minor symptoms, our bodies’ diseases will become increasingly amplified in the seriousness until we do pay attention.

We are all blessed with inner wisdom, It just takes the willingness to ask, listen and sometimes wait for the answer.

So right now, lets repeat this Motto: “I will treat my body with respect and kindness. I will feed it, keep it active and listen to its needs. I will remember that my body is the vehicle that will carry me to my dream.”

Every second, of every day, we are creating a new body.CLICK TO TWEET Tigers take action, despite the fact that it may not be a favorable one. Life is like a jungle — it’s about survival. http://bit.ly/2tL5hmQvia @viktoriyaandoks

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“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung