How a college student was able to make an investment in our healing program

My sister and I have the smartest coaches and mentors in the world, especially when it comes to finances and money.

Everyone who we have ever talked to came back to us a year from now because they were “ready” to invest into our rapid healing health coaching program found out that the investment has more than doubled. That’s what happens when we upgrade our program – which we do every single month.

P.S. you have to qualify to work with us and we filter people are lot more now because we had one clients who PAID and then disappeared and we weren’t able to coach them through the process – it’s not as easy as people think “eat this and you’ll be cured” We care about RESULTS. We don’t care if you pay us and you disappear. We can’t coach you and guide you towards the finish line when you are not there and just think that you can follow the plan on your own and be cured.

Either way, people don’t think about options when it comes to investing in things that produce an ROI (i don’t know what’s a bigger ROI than freedom from disease and meds) – we’ve had college students able to invest and make it work — and they actually were one of the best clients we’ve ever had; reversed their illness; attended all of our classes and coaching calls; and followed our adjustments exactly.

Looking at reports from our advisers this week.

Here’s my advice:

Very soon credit will be very hard to get.

We go through a 7-9 year cycle. Every 7-9 yrs for the last 100 years we’ve gone into a correction or a dip.

When that happens people don’t lend money and banks charge super high interest even if they approve you.

Right now you can get credit with 0% APR and those days are numbered. We are year 10 into this bull market and I see a lot of you afraid of using credit.

My advice:

Use it while you can get it. There’s a whole lot more to talk about and get into on this and I’m happy to do some extended training on it / how we think about it if you’d like.


If someone is willing to LEND you money, tell you to keep it for 6 months or 12 months. Not have to pay any interest just pay it back when you have it.


So long as there’s a good chance whatever you’re using it for will make you the money back (plus extra), that’s what you call a “WISE DECISION.”

I see a lot of people saying “I’m in” and this and they or whatever, making $5-15k/mo, and scared of credit.

Well that’s just silly. And we are fast approaching a time when, you’ll really need it but won’t have access to it.

Secrets of the wise:

Use what you can when you can. Right now money is awash everywhere. Banks are trying to lend it as fast as they can.

You’re making a mistake if you are 100% cash only on everything. Zero sense in that.

If you are suffering from an inflammatory illness, pain, or disease, ie fibromyalgia, lupus, ulcerative colitis, RA, MS. etc.
set up a strategy call to find out whether or not our program is the right fit for you:

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If your application is not completed within 30 minutes of booking, the call will be CANCELLED to accommodate others who are waiting for that time slot to open.

“Too many people experience heavy setbacks and delays, and therefore QUIT, because they are unable (unwilling) to rise above their present circumstances.” – Chris and Taylor