understanding cancer

I have worked as an immunologists for 7 years studying various cancers and designing immunotherapies for the treatment of pancreatic and ovarian cancers as well as other solid based tumors.

In this post, I will talk about understanding cancer and disease. Nobody wants cancer it’s one of the most painful diseases that sometimes can be dragged on for years.

Today I’m going to help you understand what cancer is and how your diet plays a very important role in preventing it.

So let’s start at the beginning what causes cancer?

Well cancer is initiated by damage to your DNA… so many different things can cause DNA damage UVB radiation, normal metabolism, variety of different carcinogens that were exposed to on a daily basis. You can think of damage to your DNA almost like something that’s sitting on top, attaching itself to your DNA, and if it’s not repaired this can potentially form a mutation.

So every organ in your body is made up of cells and each of these cells have their own DNA and this DNA is made up of thousands of different genes.

In order for your different organs to continue functioning, these cells have to make copies of themselves because cells have a very limited lifespan.

So in order for them to make a copy of themselves, they have to copy all the DNA inside that cell and if there’s damage to the DNA. When the cell copies, the DNA it forms has a mutation.

And once you form a mutation there’s no turning back and mutation is permanent.

So it’s very very important to repair the damage to the DNA before it forms a mutation.

So why doesn’t all of your damaged DNA get repaired?

Well in order for your damaged DNA to be repaired this requires the action of DNA repair enzymes inside of your cells and these DNA repair enzymes require important and essential vitamins and minerals to work properly such that in the absence of those vitamins and minerals DNA repair activity is decreased.

So when we work with clients who have autoimmune diseases and chronic illness, we insure that they are getting every single tool their cells need to repair damaged DNA.

Without those things, repair won’t happen.

I already mentioned if you cannot repair damaged DNA this can potentially lead to cancer causing mutations. Once you get a mutation it’s permanent there’s no turning back it’s the point of no return. This is why is extremely important to prevent a mutation and reverse any un-mutated damage you already have through diet making sure you have the proper levels of essential nutrients in your cells.

Even if you avoid all the known carcinogens, it’s impossible to avoid damage to your DNA. Just normal metabolism, the way that our body generates energy damages your DNA on a daily basis and there is no avoiding that. So its important to keep the defense mechanism working at their best. So another defense mechanism that your cells do in order to protect themselves from cancer causing mutations is that they sacrifice themselves, they self destruct for the greater good of organism. This is referred to apoptosis. Programmed cell death. This is genetically defined program.

There are certain genes in your cells that have the ability of detecting damaged DNA and when they detect this damaged DNA that is unable to be repaired, they immediately activate apoptosis.

Now these genes are often referred as tumor suppressor genes and that’s because they suppress the formation of cancer cells.

Tumor suppressor genes are fantastic defense mechanism but there is one problem.

If you get damage in that part of the gene that contains the tumor suppressor gene and if this happens what could end up happening is that you get a mutation in that tumor suppressor gene which now disrupts the ability and function of that gene to detect damaged DNA and ultimately this can rapidly lead to cancer and disease progression because these genes are very important in the defense mechanisms that our bodies have against cancer and other diseases.

So you maybe asking yourself, well, what determines whether a mutation forms in a tumor suppressor gene versus any other of the thousands of genes that make up your DNA and the answer is simple, it’s random.

Yes, that means damage to your DNA happens at random places and there are thousands of different places that this DNA damage can occur so the more DNA damage that occurs, the more likely you’re going to get it in a gene that is a tumor suppressor gene.

So it often takes several decades before you actually get a mutation in a tumor suppressor gene and this is part of the reason why cancer is often a very age-related disease such as heart disease as well. It’s all about having this chronic inflammation happen time after time and not giving your cells the tools that they need to repair the damage.

Here is where your diet comes in. Certain foods have organic compounds that increase the expression of these tumor suppressor genes and various genes needed to help us fight disease and even reverse. We engineer specific protocols for our clients based on their health issue to create the most rapid healing possible.

So these tumor suppressor genes can now have a better ability to detect damaged cells and kill them before they were able to cause cancer causing mutations. not only can these compounds detect pre cancerous cells and prevent them from forming mutations, but they can also kill cells that have already formed cancer.

Now that you understand some of the basis of what causes cancer and disease progression, and how your diet plays a role in how to prevent it, you can think of what you can do right now to bulletproof your health.

And if you need hands on help, then apply to join our our healing program. On the call, We will try to disqualify you quickly and we won’t tell you to do anything that is not good for you, but if you’re a fit, we’re going to invite you into our program.

Wishing you the most amazing health,
Viktoriya and Oksana

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