How to THINK at the level that “pulls” you towards your health goals instead of “pushing” you away from them…

Lesson learned from my coaches: How to THINK at the level that “pulls” you towards your health goals instead of “pushing” you away from them…

You must understand that 80% of your results come from your activities. If you dig yourself in a hole you won’t get out if you do not take the opportunity that you are presented with to change. 

Here are examples of ILLNESS mentality:

1️⃣️ You place blame EXTERNALLY instead of taking responsibility (my genetics are terrible, I cannot afford to eat healthy, so I rather suffer; I need to save my money before I invest into fixing my problem).

2️⃣ You put off important decisions that should be made NOW, so you don’t have to face reality (I’ll just decide/act/change later).

3️⃣ You more comfortable living a storybook where everything “seems” great than FORCING through the resistance and getting to place where everything becomes great. 

4️⃣️ You say you want something and yet you’re NOT making DECISIONS based on what you say you want. Your actions don’t reflect your words. 

You would rather be a “consumer” of information and “hope” that eventually you can put it all together and “figure it out.”

Here are examples of HEALTHY mentality.

LIMIT what you “accept” and, therefore, extract more (time, money, energy) from the world than anyone else.

Ask yourself HARD-TO-ANSWER questions daily (such as, “What is one thing that is preventing me from healing?” “Am I always saying that nobody cares about me and doctors don’t listen to me?” “Am I looking for reasons why something cannot work rather than for reasons why it can work?” “Is what I am doing working? What happens if I don’t change what I’m doing? How is this affecting my family and relationships?”).

Your words reflect your actions. You are willing to do whatever it takes to reverse your health issue and led go of your addictions, mental blocks, and your reasons why you can’t do something.

Basically, you must DECIDE that you are not going to tolerate your illness anymore. 

If you stay in the mindset of ILLNESS.


1️⃣️ You’ve already tried SOOOO many DIETS and nothing worked;
2️⃣️ You spend 1K on herbs/supplements with zero results; 
3️⃣ You hired a coach who let you down so you no longer will jump into another investment because you are tired of trying;


you will always struggle to make the right decision (and in fact, you won’t even see the solution RIGHT in front of you because you are constantly looking for what’s wrong with you and why nobody “cares” to help you).

You can choose to make a difficult decision NOW (which is not going to be easy or comfortable) to get the OUTCOME that you want LATER. If you prioritize short term comfort over long TERM comfort, you are in for an epic FAIL. 

 Remember that: “The greatest ‘secret” in life right now is that by “ACCEPTING” your current reality, you are succumbing to it AND saying “NO” to a better alternative.”

“Fear isn’t always a bad thing. Just make sure you’re afraid of the right things” – Chris and Taylor