The biggest illusion you ever experience is when you tell yourself something cannot be done

The biggest illusion you ever experience is when you tell yourself something cannot be done.

When I first started my immunology and cancer research nine years ago, I had a conversation with my PI. I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life…

A lot of doctors in my field believe that diet has nothing to do with a chronic illness.

All those people who believed it could not be done, they never tried. THEY NEVER TRIED.

Why try something if you believe it is impossible? Why try?

I was foolish enough to believe that you can heal. I hope I stay foolish forever for the rest of my life. If I was foolish, I would find a way.

So I want to share it with you how this is done.

The reason why I am sharing this with you because I know there will come a time when you embark on a journey and it appears that it is impossible; please think of me at this very moment.

And people always ask us how do you create the impossible?

Sometimes innovations can feel like they are impossible. And how do you approach that? How?

The first step to creating truly what is possible is you must BELIEVE with your heart and soul that it can be done. You must absolutely have no doubt at all. And when you really believe that it can be done. And you really believe that with the intensity – YOU TAKE THE FIRST STEP. 



So, you take the first step. Only when you take the first step, you can see the SECOND step. You cannot see the second step from step zero. You must be on the journey, you must be on the step one.

And then you see the second step.

And when you take that first step people might ask you: “why are you so crazy to stay on this first step?”

And it is because you BELIEVE IN IT.

Think about for a second. When you believe in something or even someone, do you ever give in?⁉️

No, you don’t. No matter how tough the journey gets, you continue the journey. You don’t give in.

So the most important is the very first step. Often, we look at the challenge before us and before we even inspect that challenge, we label it as being impossible. Before we even try and take that first step, we label it “IT CANNOT BE DONE.”

As a scientist, I understand one thing or two about ILLUSIONS.

That I can tell you now with certainty that the biggest illusion you ever experience is when you tell yourself something cannot be done. It is not real, YOU created that.

And where do those beliefs come from? It comes from top 5 people we spend time with.

That’s where they come from. If you have self-limited beliefs, change the people you spend time with.

Beliefs change with them. My greatest fulfillment is unlocking levels far above what people even knew was possible…

p.s. If you believed that you can reverse your autoimmune disease, get off your medicine and reverse your symptoms, what steps would you take?

Repeat after me:
“I am grateful for the consequences of my choices.”
Nothing is happening to you.
You’re creating it.”