Why information is NOT enough to reverse a disease?

There are two types of leaning: learning through study and learning through doing. But there is a third type of learning, too. It is utilizing this third type of leaning will tremendously accelerate the other two. It is knowledge through COACHING.

Throughout human history, and long before there were such things as books, universities, there has been one tried and true path for learning a skill, craft, art, trade, or profession: go study with an expert. All the great learning traditions say the same thing: if you want to learn how to do something well, go find someone who has already mastered that skill, and apprentice yourself.

The truth is, this third type of learning isn’t simply a valuable add-on to the other two. It’s ESSENTIAL. Learning pure information is not enough, and while adding the street smarts you gain from applying that information through personal experience can take you far, even that is not enough to go all the way toward the successful achievement of your goals. You need some way to process all that information and experience and  integrate it. And there is only one reliable, solid way to do that; find someone else who has already achieved mastery in the area you’re looking at, and model your behavior based on their experience.

What we’re talking about here is the power of a COACH.

The quickest and surest path to raising the quality of your life is to start hanging out with people who have been there and done that.

If you want to be a great public speaker, spend time with great speakers. If you want to be a success in business, then find a way to spend time in the company of successful businesspeople, if you want to heal from a disease, then get coaching from someone who has done just that.

What makes our clients so successful is not the information we hand out – it’s the coaching we provide, both as an environment and as individuals.

When you join our program, you get instant access to a community of people who have gone where you’re going, as well as an individual 1-1 support.

If we just only handed out some videos to watch, put up a website about how to reverse a chronic inflammatory illness, and left it at that, how many people do you think would actually get successful into a full recovery?

Not many.

Of course, they need the information, but what makes our 1-1 program truly work is the environment and associations that are created around that person. It has to consist of information AND a supportive 1-1 environment.

We are not just your coach, we are someone who lights the path with a torch so you can better see your way. That’s what a coach does. Do we teach you information, show you skills, pass on knowledge? Sure. But more than that, we light the way.

So, what is 1-1 coaching is for? More than anything else, a coach holds up a mirror and shows you what you are doing, day in and day out.



“If you want to learn how to heal from a disease, find someone who has mastered that skill and apprentice yourself.”