About us

Viktoriya and Oksana are peer-published Immunology Scientists based in Detroit, MI specializing in helping people reverse chronic inflammation by optimizing their organ function and rapid cellular repair using nutrition. 

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC work with their clients directly and they are NOT associated with any companies, organizations, or hospitals. 

They help people isolate what’s keeping people sick and how to use food in the right DOSAGE to accelerate cellular and organ repair.

They look at the inflammation on the CELLULAR LEVEL and correct mistakes each person is making in their recovery by optimizing every step for rapid healing to take place.

They design a recovery plan for each person based on their organ function, sensitivities, their disease and make adjustment to their plan based on the type of progress they make.

Their program(s) and our client results cannot be achieved or done without our supervision and guidance.

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Oral presentations at national & international conferences and meetings:

    • 7 th Annual David Fromm Research Award Recipient, 2013
    • 8 th Annual David Fromm Research Award Recipient, 2014
    • Outstanding Achievement Award (Project Volunteer, Wayne State University), 2008
    • Outstanding Student Service Award (Michigan Campus Compact), 2009
    • Professional Development Scholarship, Golden Key International Honor Society, 2008
    • Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship for Portfolio Gold Metals and Golden Key Award Scholarships 2004

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