“What you have done is you simplified it. It has been easy to stay on the program.”

Before our client joined our program, he worked with a nutritionist who has given him a ton of supplements to take.

It didn’t make sense to him to be taking all those supplements that were costing him 600$ per month, without seeing much progress.

His goal was to find the cause of inflammation and hypothyroidism SYMPTOMS and reverse it. He was committed to resolving his health issues.

Not only did his thyroid labs improved but also his hypothyroid symptoms were gone in the program. Thyroid medicine that he was taking was not fixing his symptoms nor his labs!

Now his labs are normalizing and he no longer needs that much thyroid medication anymore as you can see below.

He joined our program, because “I like how knowledgeable you are when it comes to nutrition for disease reversal.”

In this video, he mentioned “I learned so much from you and I learned what I was doing wrong”

There is so much information about nutrition and “it is all very confusing and what you have done is you simplified it. It has been easy to stay on the program.

I didn’t have any problem.”

“I enjoyed that we have daily communication with me and that you care and give good direction.”

One of the reasons why our clients report the greatest improvements in their health they’ve seen in years, decades, in just six weeks with us, it is because of the following reasons:

Oksana and I are aware of their entire health history and looking over their shoulder every single day, correcting every single mistake they are making.

If you are struggling with your recovery and not seeing much progress in a matter of weeks, then you may be time to work with us directly so we can help you get your recovery plan right and get your health back.

  • 👉Before 40 days:
  • Body aches and pain chills
  • Fatigue high inflammation
  • hypothyroidism SYMPTOMS
  • Lethargic
  • TSH is 157 very high (march 2020)
  • T4, Free 0.4 (low while taking thyroid medication)
  • T3, Free 1.4 (low while taking thyroid medication)
  • 👉After 40 days:
  • No more fatigue
  • No more aches and pain
  • No more chills
  • No more lethargic
  • Inflammation is down
  • TSH is 0.476 (normal range august 2020)
  • T4 free is 1.9 (high because taking thyroid medication which needs to be lowered now!
  • No longer needs as much thyroid medication because thyroid is functioning better)T3 free is 3.6 (normal!)

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