“Stop treating symptoms and instead do this” covid nurse

“Autoimmune disease is a very serious thing and I see this every day with my patients.” – covid nurse who reversed her autoimmune Sjogrens symptoms with Viktoriya and Oksana

Yesterday I had a very sick 53-year-old rheumatoid arthritis patient and I was devastated for her.

I told her enough is enough.

Do not be living like this.

There is hope.

And last week, I had a 28-year-old ulcerative colitis patient and I told her: “you need a life; you should not be coming back to the hospital twice per week. That inflammation of your colon can be healed.”

I am seeing my patients and they are just so ignorant.
I was so ignorant too.

I am the first person who had an autoimmune disease in my family despite eating so healthy all my life, I had no idea what Sjogren’s was until now.

My family are all doctors and they have NO clue when it comes to cellular nutrition and disease reversal.

Five and ten years from now if a person doesn’t reverse their disease, their organs are not going to function, especially if they start using medication.

And I give these drugs to my autoimmune patients and they do not have a life.

They are basically like walking dead people on earth.

They are dependent on dialysis.

This is what is going to happen to us because these medications are severely destructive to our primary organs.

My arthritis patient was about to be discharged and a primary doctor and rheumatologist were fighting because they were disagreeing about the final decision that would be the best for the patient.

I was just so sad.

And I was telling my patients: “this medication is not good. I am sorry I am giving this, because this is the doctors order.”

Medications does not only destroy bones, but the liver, the kidneys, and the skin.

A person is so trapped unless they really heal their cells, and this is what I wanted to do for my body.

21 days since working with Viktoriya and Oksana and fixing my immune system through natural approach, without stem cell therapy, without medications and without supplements, I’m symptom free and no longer need that medication that my rheumatologist prescribed for me to take.

Not only we need to stop the autoimmunity from progressing, but we also need our body to repair and heal from all the damage that was done by the disease and/or by the medications.

The sooner someone starts the repair process, the faster they can get their health and life back.

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