No more IBS, no more GERD, no more high blood pressure, no more heart palpitation: 40 days

“I probably would have not been as successful if I didn’t have you guys every day for the last 40 days.”

In the last 15 years, our client has been dealing with IBS symptoms “when I was teaching or went on vacation, I had to stay close to the bathroom. It was embarrassing”

She tried acupuncture, various diets, exercise, naturopathic doctors, supplementation, and have invested over $10,000 on her health in the last 4-5 years.

Yet she still suffered with digestive issues, high blood pressure, acid reflux, heart palpitation, weight gain, GERD, and she was tired of just feeling this way.

She decided to do our program, because “it’s either this or I’m going to stay the same or get worse”

Since working with us, she hasn’t had any IBS symptoms at all, and her blood pressure normalized within days, so she was very happy with the results.

Even her niece and her family noticed how great she looks and told her: “your skin looks amazing, what have you been doing?”

Alisa came across our Facebook ad and she had to ask herself: “Do I want to keep going for another 5 years feeling like this or do I want to just go ahead and take a risk.”

She decided to join our 1-1 disease reversal program and she was glad that she did.

She knew if she is going to have more energy, less pain and live longer, why should she want to stop herself and NOT do something that works?

And this is exactly what successful people do, they also have fear, but successful people take action anyway because their GOAL is what matters the most and they are not going to let bad experiences, or fear stop them from their recovery.

Every time somebody tells you to eat something or do something, you have to ask “how many people have they healed on THEIR program?

You wouldn’t let your naturopath perform open-heart surgery on you, and in the same way you shouldn’t let a naturopath, or your general doctor tell you what you need to do to reverse your disease.

Doctors/naturopaths/random nutritionists don’t usually reverse diseases.

Most doctors make their living from chronic diseases and many of our clients get positive results as fast as 6 weeks and they don’t need us again.
So, success comes from having the right person in the right JOB at the right TIME with the right SKILL SET to reverse life-threatening illnesses.


• digestive issues• GERD• IBS• muscle pain/joints (every morning have stiffness; right knee is swollen)• high blood pressure 162/99• muscle twitching• heart palpitations• prediabetic• hair loss• low energy• weight gain

After 40 days:

• Lost 18 lbs• No more hair loss• No more digestive issues• No more high blood pressure• Blood pressure is now 98/72 • No more GERD• No more acid reflux• No more back pain• No more heart palpitation• Feels stronger and legs don’t feel as weak• Has glowing skin• Great mood